Tilt Shift Portraiture

A few years ago I wanted to try something different with my images. This article on FStoppers by Trevor Dayley gave me inspirational chills. I had to try it. I rented the lens and paired it with the Sony A7rii. All that I needed now was a model. So I called up a friend. We met by the bay for a quick evening portrait session. 


We started with some still poses to get a feel for the lens. Adjustments to the pan & tilt of the lens didn't need to be as dramatic as I first thought. A subtle tilt provided the dramatic depth of field I was looking for. 

The 90mmTSE a difficult lens to shoot portraits with. Focusing is an all manual process. The electronic viewfinder of the Sony A7rii made it a little easier with focus peaking turned on, but I still missed a lot. 

I left these images alone for a while, feeling somewhat "bleh" about what I shot. They sat on my hard drive until a few weeks ago when I got my hands on some new presets from DVLOP. I went back to these images to play around. Two Man Studio's "Espresso" (black & white) preset brought a whole new feeling to this shoot.

We did a series of shots whipping her hair around. In my first pass I felt they didn't gel with the look I was editing. In black and white, however, they become something different. Personal and timeless. Like something you'd find in your grandparent's photo album. 

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