60 Seconds or Less to Get the Shot

It's around 2:30pm on a Monday. We're at the Aslan Brewing Co. Depot building in Bellingham, WA to shoot a couple portraits of Jack Lamb, their CEO. He has a tight schedule and we're hoping to get 10 minutes with him between meetings to do these portraits. 

It's now 2:40pm. We found a spot that gave us some depth and rich colours. But the pose and exact composition were giving us a challenge.  

Aslan is the Turkish word for Lion - the king of the jungle - or a "regal figure rooted in nature" according to Aslan Brewing Co. At the core of Aslan's brewing is the requirement for all ingredients to be 100% Organic. 

We wanted to incorporate the palms in the room to keep that jungle vibe. Evan played around with some different poses as I kept trying different angles. 

Frustrated, I took a step back and looked for something different. Our focus was on a medium shot - chest up with lots of headroom. But this full shot just nailed the Aslan feeling. 

The furniture & decor evokes a Victorian elegance. Evan's pose had a relaxed confidence without crossing the line into egotistical. I knew we found the look. 

It's now 3:01pm. Jack stops by. He's already late for his next meeting. I show him the pose and where to sit. I shoot a couple full shots, swap to a 50mm lens and grab a medium shot. 

It's 3:02pm and Jack is on his way to his next meeting.

Shot on Canon 5dii, Nikon 35mm2.8, Canon 50mm1.4 + Canon 430EXii